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Our Services

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Common Cleaning Tasks

Empty Garbage/Replace Garbage Bags

Clean and Dust All Surfaces

Clean and Dust Vents

Clean Washrooms/Exterior Cupboards

Dusting in Whole Areas of the House

Bed Making/ Changing Sheets/Light Organizing

Interior Glass Window Cleaning

Wiping/Washing or Windowsills and Tracks

Floor Washing/Mopping

Wood Floor Polishing and Vacuuming

Spot Washing/Wiping Down of Baseboards

Sliding Door Glass Window. Sills and Track Polishing

(interior and exterior)

Blinds Wiping and Dusting/Vacuuming if Deeded

Carpet and Rug Vacuuming

Sink Cleaning/Scrubbing

Kitchen Dishes Put in Dishwasher

Putting Away Dishes

(if there are any)

Light Pantry Organizing

Faucet Soap Scum Removing and Polishing

Countertop Cleaning and Sanitizing

Stovetop Cleaning and Grill Washing/Front Glass Wiping

Microwave Cleaning and Washing All Parts

Exterior Oven Cleaning

(interior upon request)

Exterior Fridge Cleaning

(interior upon request)

Kitchen Back Splash Washing/Cleaning/Wiping

Kitchen Vents and Light Dusting

(within reach)

Door Frames and Knobs Sanitizing and Wiping Down

Exterior Cupboards Washing and Wiping Including Handles

(wiping inside if empty)

Full Bathroom Deep Cleaning

Full Laundry Room Cleaning

Full Kitchen Cleaning/Deep Cleaning

Full Living Room and Dining Room Cleaning

Paper Towel/Toilet Paper Replenish

We at MerMaid's Cleaning Co. LTD.

have a long standing history of servicing Southern Alberta clientele with proven timely and cost effective cleaning solutions. 

We provide cleaning services in a variety of levels.

Regular Cleaning Service

Deep Cleaning of Full Bathroom(s)

  • Shower Tub/Jacuzzi Full Wash

  • Organizing of Bathroom Countertop

  • Light Organizing of Rooms

  • Changing Sheets/Making Bed/Folding Blankets

  • Wood Floor/Tile Floor Washing/Mopping

  • Floor Vacuuming

  • Carpet and Rugs Vacuuming

  • Dusting in All Areas

  • Wiping and Sanitizing of All Appliances 

  • Cleaning of Interior of Fridge and Oven Requested and Quoted

  • Wiping Down Handrails and Staircases

  • Interior Window Glass Cleaning, Sills and Tracks

  • Exterior Kitchen Cupboards Cleaning Including Handles/Knobs

  • Top Stove Cleaning/Washing of Grill and Plates

  • Sing Washing and Scrubbing Soap Scums

  • Sink Faucets/Chrome Polishing

  • Putting Away Dishes/Dishwasher

  • Counter Tops Cleaning and Sanitizing 

  • Washing and Sanitizing of Kitchen Back Splash

  • Spot Washing of Visible Baseboards

  • Laundry Room Cleaning

  • Laundry Room Floor Washing /Mopping. Dusting and Light Organizing

  • Sanitizing Doorknobs and Light Switch Plates

  • Polishing of Mirrors in All Areas Including Glass Top Coffee Tables

  • Glass Dining Table Polishing and Wiping

  • Washing and Dusting of Blinds in All Areas of the House

  • Empty Garbage/Whole House Garbage Collection

  • Replenish Garbage Bags/Toilet Paper in All Bathrooms if Needed




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